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Sharing Recipes!
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MOD 1: M I A + MOD 2: S H I N I + P R O F I L E
---- RULES ----
♥ - No Wank, Just Food. Self explainitory, don't you think?
♥ - please keep requests to the request post. Linked under the tag !Requests.
------* PLEASE NOTE, Diet related requests can be directed to the !diet tag.
♥ - Please tag accordingly, italian food goes under the 'italian' tag. Hamburgers/french fries goes under "fast food", pastries go under "baking" tag. Think when you tag.
------* Looking for a recipe? CHECK THE TAGS! Or the completely compiled list of all the recipes we have here.
♥ - please note at the top of the post some of the major allergies your recipe includes, these are: Peanuts, citrius, lactose, gluten, MSG, ect, ect.
------* Dietary recipes should try to tell you the things this lacks/includes. (Fat free, salt free, MSG free, extra vitamin C added, ect.)
♥ - Check our links! We link to some places that can help with Dietary needs and calorie counting!
------* If you have a link you want to share? Ask the mods to post it up! As it is, we'll be having fun with them as it is!
------* Affilates? We want them. \o/

Sparkrecipes ---- You will have to sign up, but this calculates homemade recipes' callories and breaks everything down for you! Plus it has tons of recipes for you to go through!
MyFitnessPal! ---- This is good for people who are in the proccess of dieting! I really reccomend some of you join if you're looking to lose some weight or something!

---- LAYOUT MADE BY: barubaron ----